No One Is Going to Save You From Your Life

I was having drinks with my friends this week, and the topic of discussion that arose was how people got what they wanted out of life. Actually the conversation was four drunken people screaming about whether or not moving to a new city without a plan but with a clear dream and determination to succeed was a smart idea. My sober mind later extracted the most important pieces of that conversation into the above topic.

Most people I know have things that they want out of life; everyone is currently searching for something. A promotion, a relationship, a commitment, a new job, a house, etc. If you’re alive and moving everyday, the chances are there’s something that’s driving you to get up and go each day. Some people are more determined than others, and I find that some people can learn to tolerate certain situations better and longer than others.

So we sat discussing the ins and outs of how does someone get from point a to point b. Ironically, I’ve been learning about change this week in one of my master’s courses. The concept of change seemed to hit this topic head on. People change or make changes to their life when their discontent with reality is greater than their tolerance. In other words, no one will actively take the time to make a change to their life until they’re really unhappy.


My thought is that if we aren’t willing to take our lives into our own hands and make something happen, if we are just casually allowing life to happen to us, are we actually living? Is life more of an action or a reaction and are the successful people really just waiting around for situations to come their way? I personally believe that I want to take as many risks as life can and will afford me. I would like to look back and someday think that I created my life; I made it what I wanted it to be.

That’s not to say that I think we all have the days where we get complacent and convince ourselves that we can find a way to be okay with wherever we are currently at. These are the days when you need to keep people in your life who will continue to spark and inspire you, and remember that no one can give you the life you want but you.

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